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Low-cost smartphone brings little to the table



Oppo’s A15 is about the cheapest smartphone you can buy, and that comes at a cost.

The $239 price-tag isn’t much for an Android powered anything (which currently includes bonus wireless headphones) so temper your expectations.

The biggest shock out of the box is the A15’s micro-USB charging port which is as outdated and much less appreciated than the 3.5mm headphone jack it sits beside.

Also, you get headphones and a charging adapter with the phone! Now that’s a ‘good old days’ moment if I’ve ever seen one.

The Oppo A15 is one of the cheapest smartphones on the market. (Oppo A15)

The A15’s body is made of a smooth plastic, which is to be expected on a phone this cheap. What I wasn’t expecting was the feel of Oppo’s glass LCD.

Its 6.52-inch…

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